Oh Gee! Oh Joy!         Why Do I love You?                    Ol' Man River
Sugar                            Louise                                           Do-Wacka-Doo
One Night in Havana  Waiting at the End of the Road   Miscellaneous
Cradle of Love            Baby Won't You Please Come Home   (Spectraplus analysis included)
Article in Chronicle of Higher Education About Spectral Analysis
Irving Kaufman sings on the session directed from (acoustic) Harmony by violinist Lou Raderman, who listened to the two sides in this set not long ago, and affirmed Bix's presence. Manny Klein, the straight trumpet player on these, thought he had played the jazz solos also, but it is in my belief that Bix was indeed sitting in, making the second of three records he made of Ol' Man River. The style of the improvised solos on this and "Why Do I Love You?" is too much like Bix to be anyone else.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
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by Frank Youngwerth
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