Photographs of Mike Mosiello and Angelo Mosiello

        Angelo Mosiello, born in Frasso Telesino on 5/15/1860, died in New York on 8/29/1918. He was the cousin of Tobia Rocco Mosiello, the father of trumpeter Mike Mosiello. Angelo, a musician, was Mike's godfather and came over to the US in the Massilia, the same ship that brought Tobia, his wife Emilia and their son Michele Alfonso, later known as Mike Mosiello.
I am grateful to Enrico Borsetti for sending me the photograph. In turn, he received it from Adriano Amore.


          These photographs are the property of  Mary Ann Mosiello McLean.
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I am grateful to Jess McLean for sending me scans of the photographs.

1. Mike Mosiello in 1922.


2. Mike Mosiello with the the Vincent Lopez orchestra during their tour in Europe. Late 1920s.


3. Mike Mosiello in 1935, holding a Conn 22 trumpet.


4. Another trumpet that belonged to Mike Mosiello.