What's Left of Goldkette

    In 1968, Doc Ryker organized a reunion in his home to put on tape the words of ex-Goldkette musicians who were alive at that time. Bill Challis and Bill Rank went to Doc Ryker's home on Long Island and taped their remarks. Others sent tapes to Doc Ryker. The result is a series of very interesting monologues in which the ex-Goldkette musicians tell what they did afte the Goldkette orchestra disbanded in the Fall of 1927. I separated the tape into segments for each musician. Click on each of the links to listen to the audio files. You must have realaudio. The sound leaves much to be desired. There are hums, clicks and breaks. But I am not complaining.

Spiegle Willcox. Trombonist (in part with Bill Rank in his home in New York). The tape ends abruptly. Uploaded February 9, 2004. 22 minutes.

Chauncey Morehouse. Drummer. Uploaded February 9, 2004. 15 minutes.

Irving "Itzy" Riskin. Pianist. Uploaded February 9, 2004. 4 minutes.

Bill Rank. Trombonist. Uploaded February 10, 2004. 13 minutes.

Bill Challis. Arranger. Tape has Rank playing trombone at the beginning. Uploaded February 10, 2004. 19 minutes.

Fuzzy Farrar and Doc Ryker. Trumpeteer and saxophonist. Uploaded February 10, 2004. 13 minutes.

Jack Morgan, Dewey Bergman and Paul Mertz. Son of Russ Morgan, pianist and pianist. Uploaded February 10, 2004. 45 minutes.

Spiegel Willcox, Joe Venuti and Owen Bartlett. Trombonist, violinist and reed man. Uploaded February 11, 2004. 44 minutes.

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